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Accelerating Time-to-Insights for personalized health care:

We empower individuals and organizations by providing near real-time health insights and analysis based on microbiome, proteome, epigenome and other biological data.

Estimate your microbial composition in seconds
By harnessing the power of a simple smartphone photograph, we've revolutionized the way you interact with your microbiome. Gone are the days of complicated, costly sequencing and the need for specialized bioinformatics knowledge. We've made it remarkably simple for you to monitor the health of your microbiome, without ever leaving your home. With our easy-to-use technology, taking control of your well-being has never been more accessible or more convenient.

Estimate your microbial composition in seconds
Leveraging an extensive database comprised of patient samples across a diverse range of demographic categories, we have refined our computational algorithms to achieve a level of accuracy that sets a new industry standard. Our technology is capable of identifying microbiome enterotypes using images captured solely through smartphone devices, thereby obviating the need for more cumbersome sequencing procedures or specialized bioinformatics analyses. The system benefits from a dynamic model of continuous improvement. To maintain optimal performance, it is systematically updated with new patient data and microbial sequences. This approach ensures not only the precision of our analytical

Estimate your microbial composition in seconds
capabilities but also expands the range of insights we are able to offer. As a result, our platform provides an increasingly comprehensive understanding of microbiome variations, serving as an invaluable resource for those seeking to understand and improve their health." This version aims to maintain formality while highlighting the technology's capabilities and commitment to ongoing refinement.

About Us

In alignment with our mission to accelerate time-to-insights for personalized healthcare, HORAIZON transforms the intricate landscape of biomedical analytics into actionable intelligence. We craft state-of-the-art models that enable data-driven decisions within minutes—bypassing traditional timelines that could take months. Specializing in the multifaceted realms of microbiome, proteome, and epigenome data, among others, we offer targeted technical expertise and advanced tools.

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms power high-efficiency, parallelized data analysis within a secure cloud environment. This not only expedites the process but also provides visually compelling results for easy interpretation.

Whether it’s forging personalized treatment pathways or untangling complex organizational challenges, we’re convinced that data holds the key to solving the world’s most pressing issues. Contact us to explore how our near real-time predictive analytics can unlock unparalleled value for your healthcare initiatives and beyond.

Predictive Models

Models and Platforms for Predictive Analytics The DeepBiomics Platform

Tailored Algorithms for Holistic Biological Insights Aligned with our mission to offer near real-time insights for personalized healthcare, the DeepBiomics Platform stands as a robust computational engine capable of dissecting complex biological data. We’ve designed a set of versatile algorithms that seamlessly integrate with diverse data technologies—including but not limited to metagenomics, proteomics, epigenetics, protein 3D structural data, gene ontology, pathway databases, cellular imaging, and an extensive corpus of textual data.

Innovative Graph and Network-Based Representations

One of the unique features of our platform is its specialized graph and network-based representations. These innovative frameworks simplify complex biological systems by breaking them down into manageable components (nodes) and defining the interactions (edges) between them. For example, in cellular systems, nodes could be proteins or gene sequences, while edges represent functional interactions among them. This approach allows for a concise yet comprehensive overview of intricate systems, facilitating easier analysis and interpretation.

Enhancing Complexity, Preserving Nuance

Our graph and network representations are not merely simplifications; they are calculated reductions that maintain the essential complexities and subtleties of biological systems. By capturing these complex relationships, we can deliver accurate, actionable, and personalized insights faster than ever before—meeting our goal to accelerate time-to-insights for transformative healthcare solutions.

In sum, the DeepBiomics Platform is a next-generation tool designed to empower both individuals and organizations by offering near real-time biological insights and advanced analytics. Our platform is more than just a technological resource; it’s an enabling catalyst that puts the power of data-driven personalized healthcare within your reach.

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Scientific Contributions

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Unlock the Power of Your Data: Smarter, Faster Analytics with HORAIZON

Transforming Personalized Healthcare and Resolving Complex Business Challenges through Data-Driven Intelligence

Data Complexity Simplified You’re navigating a sea of data—distributed across multiple formats, storage systems, and locations. Whether it’s securely housed in cloud infrastructures, squirreled away in legacy databases, or residing in spreadsheets on your desktop, you have one common goal: to extract meaningful, actionable insights from this expansive data landscape.

Enter HORAIZON: Your Partner in Intelligent Data Analysis Aligned with our mission to accelerate time-to-insights for personalized healthcare and beyond, HORAIZON provides a unified solution for all your data challenges. Our advanced analytics platforms and algorithms seamlessly integrate, analyze, and derive insights from your diverse data sets, regardless of their origin or format.

Accelerate Decision-Making with Real-Time Insights Our proprietary machine learning techniques offer near real-time analysis, transforming raw data into actionable intelligence within minutes. We specialize in biological and biomedical data types, including microbiome, proteome, and epigenome, among others. However, our analytics capabilities extend far beyond healthcare, offering data-driven solutions to solve complex business problems.

Multi-Pronged Benefits

Personalized Treatment Plans

Tailor healthcare solutions based on individualized predictive models.

Business Optimization

Navigate complex business challenges using data-driven insights to drive decision-making and strategy.


Move from data collection to actionable insights in near real-time, making your operations more agile and responsive.

Why Choose HORAIZON?

Multi-Format Compatibility

Our algorithms are versatile enough to handle data in various formats and from multiple sources.

Cloud and On-Premise Flexibility

Whether your data is in the cloud or on physical servers, we've got you covered.

State-of-the-Art Security

Your data's privacy and security are our utmost priority.

Analytical Focus

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So, if you’re ready to unlock unparalleled value from your data, HORAIZON is your go-to partner for smarter, faster, and more effective data analytics.

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