Accelerating time-to-insights

for personalized health care

Our mission

Accelerating time-to-Insights for personalized health care:

We empower individuals and organizations by providing near real-time health insights and analysis based on microbiome, proteome, epigenome and other biological data.

Our portfolio

HORAIZON introduces a portfolio of innovative technologies, seamlessly integrating Deepbiomics, ElectricGut, OnSpotBiome, Proteome2Pathogen, Symbaiose, and MicroDiet each playing a crucial role to provide personalized health insights.

Where microbiome meets diagnostics: MicroGnostics

HORAIZON's MicroGnostics platform embodies the principle of personalized medicine, recognizing the unique microbial fingerprint of each individual. Our approach not only enhances the accuracy of disease diagnosis but also allows for the customization of treatment strategies to suit the individual's microbiome composition.


 Linking mental health with microbiome and optimal nutrition

NeuraBiome stands at the forefront of this exciting field, leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze and interpret complex data. This non-invasive and efficient method surpasses traditional diagnostic tools in speed and accessibility and offers a more comprehensive understanding of the microbiome’s impact on neural health.

Our products for:

Personalized treatment plans

Tailor healthcare solutions based on individualized predictive models.

Business optimization

Navigate complex business challenges using data-driven insights to drive decision-making and strategy.


Move from data collection to actionable insights in near real-time, making your operations more agile and responsive.

About us

We are a multidisciplinary team composed of AI specialists and life science researchers. Together, we create cutting-edge, interpretable AI models and algorithms tailored for diverse scientific domains, such as microbiome, epigenome and proteome. Our mission is to expedite the identification of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets, thereby revolutionising the diagnosis and treatment of a cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes, Inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, and vascular disorders.

What we did

Scientific contributions

Microbiome & ethnicity

CID permutation importance

Metabolic syndrome

Methylation & microbiome

Graph space embedding


success through collaboration

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Enhancing personalized solutions through advanced machine learning techniques, including deep learning and reinforcement learning, to refine predictive models for accurate and interpretable insights in healthcare and related domains.


Applying expertise beyond biomedicine, expanding into diverse industries through partnerships, solving complex problems with data-driven decision-making.


Engaging in ongoing innovation and thought leadership in the field of biomedical analytics, staying at the forefront through research, staying updated on machine learning advancements, and actively contributing to the scientific community.

Building customer relationships

Prioritizing strong customer relationships, tailoring solutions, providing support, and showcasing impact through success stories.

Our clients, collaborators, EU partners

So, if you’re ready to unlock unparalleled value from your data, HORAIZON is your go-to partner for smarter, faster, and more effective data analytics.