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Open Positions

Data Scientists/Programmer (Python)

HORAIZON Technology BV is looking for a new app developer scientific programmer to join our team. Our company is focused on a healthcare domain and provides unique data analysis services and tools to various academic and industrial entities.

With have recently introduced our new DeepBiomics platform and various mobile applications that allow providing personalised nutritional advice using microbiome and other multi-omics data. From developing treatment strategies to solving complex business problems, we believe that the world’s most challenging issues can be solved with data.
Do you share our vision? Then join our team!


As an app developer, you will be working in our Bioinformatics & AI Team, working shoulder to shoulder with your colleagues. You will develop front end interfaces and (apple and android) applications that make use of our proprietary AI and machine learning models. You will develop application that create attractive visualisations and online dashboards to present new findings.

Your main programming language is Python. You are eager to learn new data science techniques and connect intuitive user interfaces to complex AI models.

Business Optimization

Navigate complex business challenges using data-driven insights to drive decision-making and strategy.


Move from data collection to actionable insights in near real-time, making your operations more agile and responsive.