How does DeepBiomics work?


Innovative graph and network-based representation

This platform uses advanced graph and network-based representations, to create clear and simple summaries of complex biological processes, proteins, or gene sequences by breaking them into manageable components. It is a vital tool for biological research and precision healthcare because of its clever design, which enables it to provide quick, precise, and customized insights.

Tailored Algorithms for a Holistic Understanding of Biological Systems

The DeepBiomics Platform functions as a quick computational engine, quickly evaluating complex biological data to improve tailored healthcare insights. Our advanced algorithms work with a wide range of data technologies, such as gene ontology, route databases, metagenomics, proteomics, epigenetics, 3D structural data of proteins, cellular imaging, and large text corpora.



Increasing Intricacy while Maintaining Nuance

Our network and graph models preserve biological intricacies, facilitating quick transmission of accurate, personalized data. This aligns with our mission to accelerate insights for innovative healthcare solutions.

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