Revolutionize innovation in animal healthcare with OnSpotBiome

Our AI-enhanced mobile health solution is designed to empower businesses and individuals in the animal health and nutrition industry, providing next level solutions to microbiome analysis.

At HORAIZON, we specialize in decoding the secrets of the microbiome at the speed of a single snapshot, providing comprehensive insights into the complex microbial composition based on an animal’s microbial profile.

In the dynamic world of animal nutrition, changes in microbiomes, influenced by changing feeds and practices, can significantly impact the health and productivity of the animals. Our dedication to the nutritional and health needs of animals stems from our comprehension of the complex microbial balance.
We recognise that the constantly changing feed and practise scene can provide difficulties that impair their general health and performance. Horaizon, with a focus on cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights, takes use of this chance offering tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each animal.

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The benefits of OnSpotBiome

In depth insights

Gain Profound understanding of livestock’s gut microbiome for informed health decisions.

Nutrition plans

Customize diets with OnSpotBiome for tailored recommendations, supporting growth and peak health.

Health tracking

Monitor the well being of the animals for preventative measures, ensuring a healthy herd.

How OnSpotBiome differs

OnSpotBiome, a microbiome assessment platform, uses a single digital photo and a small fecal sample to analyze the gut microbiome, correlating with animal health and nutritional status, aligning perfectly with our commitment to providing rapid insights for personalized healthcare

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