Discover personalized nutritional insights through microbiome analysis for enhanced glycemic control

Navigate the complex relationship between diet, gut microbiota, and metabolic health with our MicroDiet system.
MicroDiet is more than just a nutrition app.It’s a sophisticated tool designed to explore the intricate relationship between dietary habits, gut microbiota, and metabolic disorders such as obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D) across different ethnic groups.

In line with our commitment to accelerate time-to-insights in personalized healthcare, MicroDiet analyzes the impact of dietary changes on human microbiota and metabolic health

Understanding the problem

The microbiome-metabolism connection

Metabolic disorders like obesity and T2D are increasingly prevalent and pose significant clinical challenges. Emerging research indicates that the intricate community of microorganisms found in the human digestive system, known as the gut microbiome, plays a pivotal role in host metabolism. Importantly, these microbes produce metabolites influenced by dietary factors, which in turn affect glucose and lipid levels in the blood.
In the MicroDiet project, we integrated extensive clinical, dietary, and microbiota data, acquired through our ZONMW JPI HDHL project, to create a comprehensive dataset that powers the MicroDiet prediction tool.

How do we do it

Tailored nutritional insights at your fingertips

The MicroDiet application offers an easy-to-use interface where users can input their body measurements and recent dietary history. Based on this information, the application provides:


Gut microbiota profile

Discover an estimated profile of your gut microbiota composition.


Predictive metabolite levels

Gain insights into predictive plasma metabolite levels derived from your gut bacteria.


Blood glucose and lipid values

Receive calculations illustrating how these factors influence your estimated blood glucose and lipid values.


Dynamic projections

Visualize dynamic projections, showing how changes to your daily fat, protein, or carbohydrate intake could impact the aforementioned parameters.

The benefits of MicroDiet


Simple input for personalized results.

Multifaceted analysis

Integrates clinical, dietary, and microbiota data.

Dynamic predictions

Real-time estimates of how dietary changes can impact health metrics.

Ethnicity-Specific insights

Recognizes variations across different ethnic backgrounds.

Why choose MicroDiet

MicroDiet is not just a dietary tool; it’s a personalized healthcare companion. By offering real-time, data-driven insights into how dietary choices impact metabolic health, MicroDiet empowers users to make informed decisions for better glycemic control. This application aligns perfectly with our overarching goal of utilizing data to solve the world’s most challenging health issues. Take control of your metabolic health with the MicroDiet Application and create a personalized pathway to smarter nutrition and better well-being.

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